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Before I came to New Zealand, I was in that cliche phase that every young woman seems to go through. Oh, and you bet your ass I got an Om tattoo. On my wrist of all places.

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Penises are simple. Male bodies have but one complicating factor. Well, technically two.

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons. Appetite, hunger, satiated, starved ; all can be applied to both our relationship with food and with sex. In fact, humans have forever whipped up the two to form one great gateaux of food-related sexual innuendos, rituals, and fetishist foreplay. You only need look at popular culture throughout the ages to find the constant intermingling of both elements that drive our most basic of instincts.

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I was sick for a couple days last week And was gone for a lot of the biology lesson and I did my work and made everything up but we took a t I won't get upset if none of you comment bc I agree. My account does suck balls.

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Like predators attracted to the scent of a meal, college coaches zero in on the nation's most talented high school athletes year after year, bombarding them with affection and promises. Representatives from the nation's leading universities often converge on the same target, leading to a frenzy that can leave a young athlete's head spinning. For some supertalented seventeen- and eighteen-year-olds, this heavy recruiting will result in the last decision about their own futures they will be able to make until many years later — if they're good and lucky enough to become free agents in the professional leagues.

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F or seven nights out of every month, my boyfriend soaks his balls in a bathtub of degree water for 45 minutes. He crams his six-foot-four frame into our claw-foot bathtub and sweats profusely as a constant stream of hot water slowly kills off enough sperm to render him infertile for the next few weeks. This approach may seem dramatic—it is—but there are very few options available to men who choose to take control over their fertility.

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Well it's a bad scene I guess I never understand Cause I'm just a man Doing the best I can I separate the truth from your bullshit Don't try and give me them lines I ain't hearing it Tryin' to say your my man But when the backs are turned You have another plan Who listens to this girl But you don't talk so loud Cause you know this thoughts not allowed. I know your all the same And your so fuckin' lame And we're not gonna play those games ho. Where do I begin You know you just can't win.

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In a couple of days, Hollywood will unleash its latest fairytale movie on the world. Is it even possible to make a decent live-action fairytale? Hell yes, even.


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