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CNN -- Fifty-one years ago, Frank lost something he considers valuable. It was his foreskin, and Frank would like it back. Frank -- he'd prefer not to reveal his last name -- knows his foreskin is gone forever, but he's angry he was circumcised as a newborn when he was too little to say yay or nay to a procedure that changed him forever, and that he believes left him with decreased sexual sensation compared with men who aren't circumcised.

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The wobbly flap of skin covering the rounded tip of the penis and safeguarding it is known as glans. This skin comprises nerves, blood vessels and a small amount of muscle called the foreskin. When your baby boy grows into a teenager, the foreskin separates from the penis.

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In the first several years your son's foreskin will separate from the tip of the penis. Some foreskins separate soon after birth or even before birth, but this is rare. When it happens is different for every child.

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Worthin Plano, Texas. Our private medical clinic offers circumcision for infants and babies up to nine months. Boys over nine, adolescents and men of all ages have the procedure at our clinic. With our focus on circumcision procedures we are able to deliver the highest standard of male medical care for our patients.

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In South Africa thousands of boys are initiated into manhood each year, but all too often they lose far more than they gain. T he sun is drooping in the December sky as cicadas weave ominous melodies into the summer air. In the Xhosa culture, the transition into manhood is marked by a month of instruction from elders, who teach the teens how to be a father, a husband.

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Skip to content. His constriction is pretty severe, down to a tiny pinhole at times. We've tried multiple rounds of steroid cream, but the opening has only gotten about mm in diameter and tends to close back down once we stop the cream.

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Similar counseling is urged for adult heterosexual men who remain uncircumcised and for expectant parents who will be making a decision about newborn circumcision if they have a boy, according to the new recommendations, proposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most American boys are circumcised as newborns, but the percentage of parents having their infants circumcised in hospitals has fallen in recent years, even as evidence from African studies suggests that it may be protective. Circumcision has also come under fire, in part because babies cannot give their consent to the operation, with some critics saying the practice constitutes genital mutilation.

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The penis, the outer reproductive organ of the male, consists of 2 parts—the shaft and the glans. The glans is the tip of the penis, while the shaft is the main part of the penis. All boys are born with a foreskin, or a covering over the tip of the penis.

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Circumcision routinely done for older boys at Pollock Clinics. Your primary care doctor may refer you to our clinic for circumcision but your doctor does not need to make a referral for you. You can call us directly or use our Contact Form.

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Once your son goes through puberty and he can easily pull back his foreskin, you should encourage him to do so for cleaning while in the bath or shower. During childhood, many boys can begin to pull back their foreskin as it separates gradually from the glans. This is still normal. The foreskin might not fully separate from the glans until after puberty.


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