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Congrats, everyone. The entire world of social media almost collapsed this week because of boobs. Not because of terrorism, or children hit with bombs walking around with no arms, or because of some grotesque anomaly in the world.

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Since the 80s, the teen sex comedy has been a staple of the comedy genre. A youthful reinterpretation of the class screwball genre, navigating sex and relationships can lead to madcap fun and emotional outbursts. But the genre also changes with the times, reflecting teens' evolving views of sex and social norms.

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If you're asking "What is slut shaming? September 9, Rebecca Sedwick12, jumped to her death after being tormented relentlessly about how far she'd gone with a boy she had dated. December 9, Jessica Laney16, hung herself after being called a slut and whore online.

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And last week it emerged that Melania had removed her personal website after reporters discovered that she had lied about getting a college degree: She attended the college for one year before dropping out. And now, the photos. The way the Post treated Melania was — while hardly out of character for paper that once published a story about Tiger Woods' cheating scandal with the headline "Tiger Pulls Out" — particularly egregious, no matter your politics. Regardless of the length of time that's lapsed or the role Melania finds herself in now, it's unacceptable to try to wrestle control of her own body and its image away from her.

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All of this has led to a big question: Why? Why do so many women agree to unwanted sex? One answer is that their conditioning starts young.

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One of the great misfortunes of female sexuality is that nature's gifts come too soon and then they don't stick around long enough. Not only do women who want children have to settle on mates and start families earlier than men must, but the prime of a girl's allure usually arrives before she has the faintest idea how to handle it. By the time she's swept the gobbledygook of conventional romance out of her head and realized that the terrible bodily "flaws" she once obsessed over are actually pretty trivial, she's over the hill.

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The first time I was called a slut, I was in sixth grade. I wasn't sexually active at the time, so it didn't bother me. It was very impromptu — he wasn't my boyfriend, or even someone I knew well.

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Both in person and online, slut shaming is way too common an occurrence — and oftentimes, the perpetrator is a fellow female! I took to a secret women-only Facebook group to get some input. Even in just this person group, it seemed a majority had stories to share, ranging from accounts happening only days before to experiences going back years.

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Bragg Communications Inc. InA. If we value the right of children to protect themselves from bullying, cyber or otherwise, if common sense and the evidence persuade us that young victims of sexualized bullying are particularly vulnerable to the harms of revictimization upon publication, and if we accept that the right to protection will disappear for most children without the further protection of anonymity, we are compellingly drawn in this case to allowing A.

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Children, Sexuality and Sexualization pp Cite as. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.


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